Favorite Infant & Toddler Products

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Under 1 year = 1 drop daily

Fight viruses, for children 2 and up

Feeding Products

Our Gerber Graduates Hard Spout Sippy Cups have never leaked!

The Munchkin Snack Catcher .We still use these. Your car seat will thank me.

Our Kids Kitchen Stand survived 5 years of heavy use, and I never once regretted the purchase.

Sleep Supports

Our owl lovies are 5 years old and still going strong.

A great alarm clock and night light for preschool & kindergarten.

The Claessen’s Classic Sleep Trainer is perfect for toddlers, also a night light.

We own THREE Marpac Dohm Natural White Noise Machines.

Nothing makes changing a newborn diaper easier than a nightgown.  Thankfully many more are available now in organic cotton, like the Burt’s Bees set we used.

Smoothie & Pancake Boosters