The Journey Begins

Imagine your child is sick.  You post about the fever on FB, and then Google the Tylenol dose.  You look at the calendar and wilt when you realize you don’t have someone to watch your child.  You call your pediatrician, or you go to urgent care, maybe you get an answer?

Either way you’re exhausted, your child is uncomfortable, and while those around you can sympathize they aren’t LIVING it.  In that moment you think you should quit your job and be poor, or hire a nanny and be poor, or just relegate yourself to a sleepless, joyless life.  I hear you.  I am that parent AND I’m that pediatrician.  I know how difficult it can be those first few years of parenthood, navigating work and family and – inevitably – a sick child.  After 10 years of practicing pediatrics and having a few children of my own (plus a labradoodle, which is like another child amIright?), I realized I have a whole lot to say to you.  I want you to know it’ll be ok, that you’re ok, and that if you’re questioning your decisions or your reason for being then you’re in the right place!

I can’t wait to dive into all the things that make me smile or crazy, but mostly I want to share what I find helpful for myself and for the families I care for.  We have a duty to each other to help make each day a little better, a little brighter!  However, while I may be a professional pediatric provider, I am not a professional Mom.  There is no such thing (except for Super Nanny. I still think that show was magic).  However, I am willing to share my parenting journey in all its imperfect glory if it means I can help even one person feel more confident.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I look forward to sharing my experiences, and I truly hope you take my invitation to message me with your thoughts!


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